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10Pcs/Set Welding Rod Low Temperature Aluminum Solder Welding Rod Wire Welding Stick

10Pcs/Set Welding Rod Low Temperature Aluminum Solder Welding Rod Wire Welding Stick

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Fit For All Kind of Aluminum Repairing/Welding/Brazing
It is low temperature aluminum wire, which can be welded almost all white metal, including aluminum, Aluminum Alloy, cast aluminum, zinc alloy, zinc die casting, magnesium alloy, copper lead alloy and the metal dissimilar welding, even for serious corrosion or oil pollution of the white metal, even you think Aluminum Alloy not repair can repair.
Suitable for the primary welding operator complete welding, only small heating device, the strength of weld seam after welding is generally higher than the parent metal strength, welding operation can be understood.
Working temperature: 380-420
Description of the use of low temperature aluminum wire:
The first step: through the physical cleaning, grinding the surface.
The second step: heating welding on the surface of the base metal, until the temperature of wire working temperature of 380 -400°, so you can rely on the heat conduction base metal wire melting weld formation, to avoid burning wire by flame, and only when the surface temperature of the parent material enough, wire can well flow and penetration to the metal capillary.
The third step:
When repairing the relatively thin aluminum, as long as the aluminum base material is heated to a suitable temperature, and then use the wire back and forth friction melted to form weld metal melting welding wire brush, only fill the formation of weld in welding at.
The fourth step:
Small pieces are welded with propane gas, and large parts are heated and welded by industrial gas or induction heating devices, and naturally cold after welding.
Matters needing attention:
The thicker parts are heated up more troublesome, so it is critical to use a reasonable heat source, as long as the surface temperature of the parent material is reached to the wire.
At working temperature, welding can be carried out, neutral flame welding is used when oxyacetylene is welded, but not directly with fire welding wire.
Applicable heat source: it can be used in many kinds of heat sources, such as propane, oxyacetylene, etc.
Storage: in a ventilated and dry place, it can be stored indefinitely.
Operation attention to details:
1, the surface of the parent material must be cleaned up. Clear and forward welding
2, the temperature of the parent material is 380/460 degrees C, and the temperature of the parent material should be maintained at 380/460 C during the welding process, and the temperature can not be low.
3, use the flame to burn the welding wire. After the temperature of the parent material reaches 380/460, the wire will naturally melt by the heat conduction of the parent material.
Package include:
10pcs Flux Cored Aluminum Welding Electrodes



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10Pcs/Set Welding Rod Low Temperature Aluminum Solder Welding Rod Wire Welding Stick

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